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The unexpected situation happened without notice and occurred quickly creating a panic for everyone around the world and has a profound impact on every business including our resort, Sea sand Sun Resort and Villas, it caused us to temporary close our beautiful resort.

Many things come into my head and keep thinking on how to take care of our staff which means the expenses on the necessary things including the accommodation and food for staff more than 100 persons.

An Idea popped up into my mind, I have to develop some part of land available to create a healthy farm and it must be a serious agricultural enterprise. I don’t hesitate to do it right away. This is the answer that we all have to move on and move forward. We as hotelier change our lifestyle to study and start to work on it. We turn 8 acres of land to be our Green Diamond Farm with the reason of serving our beloved guests in the future and our lovely staff of Sea Sand Sun Staff family.

Talking about our Green Diamond Farm, there are more than 60 types of plants, veggies and fruits such as passion fruits, mango, melon, jack fruits, papaya and many more. We have very good advice from the Agricultural experts to train our team on how to plant each type of fruits and vegetables. It is amazing!. We learnt a lot and know well on what we are doing now, it will be good benefits for our guests in the near future. We really want to meet and welcome you to our beautiful resort . When the right time is back, we are confident that fresh vegetables will be ready to be served.

Following carefully the agricultural development , the most important thing , especially at the beginning stage, hygiene is the most important . Why? because it is the first step of planting, we all have to clean ourselves ,  wash hands or take shower before transferring seedling into plant nursery. It is not just only hygiene but it comes with hygiene and care. We are happy and proud of our new project and we are confident that your upcoming trip to our beautiful resort, our fresh vegetable and juicy fruits will be served to you.


We miss you and hope to see you on July 1, 2020.


Managing Director and Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas Team

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AW Logo (SSS) c.jpg
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