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Health Guidelines for reopening of the borders for Tourist arrivals on 23rd January 2021

Sri Lanka újra nyitja határait - egészségügyi előírások


We are pleased to inform you that the Government of Sri Lanka will be opening the country for Tourism with effect from 23rd January 2021.

The conditions and Health guidelines issued on 6th January 2021 are given below:

Point of Entry Bandaranayake International Airport, Katunayake (BIA) and Mattala Rajapakse International Airport (MRIA).

Date: With effect from 23rd January 2021.


Conditions for Tourists

1. Permitted to arrive on scheduled flights, Charter flights and Private Jets.

2. Duration minimum of 7 - 14 days in a Tier-1 Hotel. A tier-1 hotel has to be ‘Safe and Secure’ certified and can accommodate only foreign nationals. Sri Lankans are not permitted into the hotel as guests. The list of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) approved Tier – 1 hotels will be sent latest by the 11th of January 2021.

3. During the first 14 days the guest is permitted to stay in more than one Certified Safe & Secure Level-1 Hotel, provided that the on-arrival PCR test result is negative and travelling under a bio-security bubble.

4. After 14 days, a tourist is permitted to move into a Tier-2 hotel. A Tier-2 hotel has to be approved as a ‘Safe and Secure’ hotel by the SLTDA and are permitted to accommodate foreign tourists and Sri Lankan guests. The list will be sent latest by the 11th of January 2021.

5. If a tourist is staying for 7 days, a minimum of 2 PCR tests are compulsory, the first PCR Test to be taken on the day of arrival and the second PCR test to be taken between 5 to 7 days at the hotel that the tourist is accommodated.

6. A tourist staying for a longer period has to take an additional PCR test between the 10th -14th day from the day of arrival in Sri Lanka.

7. After 14 days stay in a Certified Safe & Secure Level-1 Hotel, a guest is permitted to interact with the community, provided that the PCR test results are negative.

8. Tourists will be permitted to use the pool, spa and common areas of the hotel subject to adhering to general health guidelines including social distancing.

9. The cost of the PCR test to be taken in Sri Lanka should be included in the tour package and has to be settled to Aitken Spence Travels. The cost per PCR test in Sri Lanka is USD 40/- per person, per PCR test.

10. It is mandatory to have a COVID-19 Travel Insurance cover for Rs. 5 Million (approximately USD 28,000.00) to cover any expenses in case a tourist is diagnosed with Covid during their stay in Sri Lanka. It is to cover hospitalization, medical charges, cost of medicine, change of travel plans and any other expenditure that has to be incurred by a Covid-19 patient. An insurance cover given by an airline or a tour operator through an insurance company is acceptable. SLTDA is in the process of negotiating with an insurance company based in Sri Lanka to work-out a Covid insurance cover for any tourists interested in purchasing same.

11. A tourist can visit places of interest approved by the SLTDA if their PCR tests are taken on arrival is negative. SLTDA is in the process of finalizing a list of places of interest that tourists will be permitted to visit under the bio-bubble concept on specific days and a period of time during the day.

12. Tourists will not be able to mix/mingle with the local community until the 14th day after taking the 3rd PCR test. Using of public transportation is prohibited.

13. A tourist booking a stay at a beach resort, is permitted to be on the beach area in front of the hotel. * We are in the process of getting a clarification from the Director General of Health.

Visa Cost and Process

1. The cost per single entry visa valid for 1 month is US $ 35/- per person.

2. All Visa applications will be processed online (Website will be opened soon).

3. The confirmation of payment for 2 PCR tests that will be done on arrival and between the 5th and the 7th day has to be obtained prior to applying for the visa, in case if a tourist is staying for 10 days or more, it is necessary to take a 3rd PCR test and the confirmation of payment for the PCR tests will be required at the time of applying for the visa.

4. Mandatory Covid Travel Insurance should be obtained prior to applying for the visa as it will be necessary as a supporting document when applying for the visa.

5. A pre-confirmed hotel booking covering a period of minimum of 7 or 14 days in a tier-1 hotel is compulsory.

Prior to Boarding

1. All Passengers required to present a negative COVID-19 test result to the airline taken within 96 hrs to boarding international flights.

2. Health declaration form to be filled and submitted at the check-in counter and also on arrival in Sri Lanka.

3. To be in possession of mandatory COVID-19 Travel Insurance Cover.

4. It is essential to be wearing a face mask at the time of disembarking at the airport in Sri Lanka.

5. When boarding from Sri Lanka the clients need to adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the respective airlines.


1. Transportation for the clients on arrival to the Tier-1 Hotel will be provided as per the Health Guidelines declared by the Health Authorities in Sri Lanka.

2. All our Airport Reps, Drivers and Guides are equipped with necessary PPE accessories.

3. All tourists traveling with ASTL will be given fresh masks, sanitizers and gloves when boarding transportation provided by ASTL.

4. Tourists are only allowed to use the transport facilities arranged by the DMC.

Non-Symptomatic COVID-19 PCR Positive Persons

1. Initial isolation would be done in an isolation area in the same hotel under strict supervision of the designated Medical Officer of the hotel and the Area Medical Officer of Health until the patient is transferred to a designated intermediate care center.

2. Where isolation is not feasible (e.g. large group positive for COVID-19 infection) alternative designated isolation hotel to be identified.

3. If symptomatic or on the decision of the designated Medical Officer of the hotel and / area Medical Officer of Health, the guest and any exposed guests will be admitted to a pre-arranged Private Hospital approved by the Ministry of Health, the list of private hospitals approved will be submitted.

Symptomatic COVID-19 PCR Positive Persons

1. A tourist who is positive and symptomatic will be admitted to a private hospital approved by the Ministry of Health, the list of approved private hospitals will be submitted.

2. COVID-19 Insurance to reimburse hospital charges including ambulance transfer up to LKR 5.0 Million for a month.

Treatment for other medical conditions

1. Designated Medical Officer of the Hotel to make a decision.

2. Patients in their first 14 days of visit should be treated only in hospitals identified for such purposes by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority and approved by the Ministry of Health – Sri Lanka.

3. Cost of treatment should be covered through the tourist’s personal medical insurance.

4. All hotels are permitted to sell only upto 75% of the room inventory and the balance 25% have to be kept to accommodate tourists with any medical emergencies.

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